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Thanks for sending me this game, it was not what I was expecting.  It was a lot of fun to playthrough even through I didn't manage to beat it.  Still pretty fun!


This is a cool experience, I'd say you'd enjoy it a lot more if you were a fan of The Shining movie, but even as someone who hasn't seen it, it was still fun.  It's a little annoying having to start over the entire game if you mess up, especially considering the game has a learning curve for what you need to do and the best ways to do it.  The Shine control doesn't really make sense to me, as someone who doesn't know what it does, some sort of instruction or tutorial would be great at least for that function.  I could do without ever naked grandma though haha, this is the second game in the video - 18:06


This game reminds me of the impossible maze. Aside from that it is easy to figure out. I spent roughly 30 mins completing it. It doesn't have an actual ending. Just loops back to the beginning of the game. Still a good start!
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No man there's more levels after! That's just the 1st one but you didn't beat it lol. You have to get the key, unlock the corpse lady, then find Tony and lastly, run to the exit. The sub maze you are porting to is a maze that activates if you stand still for too long or fail to unlock the corpse lady quickly enough. The "Shine" feature activates Dick Hollaranne and if he contacts an enemy it will temporarily freeze giving you some escape time. Great play through tho. TY for supporting : )

AHHHH Okay! I feel like you need to explain that in some way if possible. I would never have guessed that

I am curious what made you think you beat the game. Was there something in particular that happen that made you think that or did you assume it was  a demo version, maybe?

I assumed since it was a demo that it would loop. Also because there is no indication that I did something right or wrong I though that was it


Hello there creator. I played your game and it was quite difficult. OMG!! But here it is. A brand new video of your game. ENJOY!!

Cracked me up so bad lol "Get the keeeeeyyyyyyyy!!!"  Once the player learns to use the Shine feature at the right times and figures out the enemy AI a little bit it's not as difficult, but I may tune down the difficulty.


Made a video


You guys are hilarious! Subbed ; )

Pc please.